About Us

Welcome to Ryan Specialty Tires! 

We are a long standing, 20 plus years, Pittsburgh based, tire and service company.  While we have deep roots in automotive and truck tires, we are also proud of our accumulated specialty tire knowledge. 


With our foundations in service, we wanted to offer more

On our site, you are welcome to shop and make your choices directly, you will find our prices competitive and our inventory ready to deliver immediately. 


We have the product you order on a shelf, Our shelf. Our product is ready to be picked and shipped to you immediately. A great advantage if you are sure about what you need. Unlike some other sites who only “represent” tire products 


We welcome and encourage you to contact us directly.

 Speak with someone who can listen to your application and make recommendations. 


Our experts have years of experience.

Working with the largest skid loader tires and the smallest wheel/tire for a wheelchair or dolly. 


A company willing to talk to you on the phone. 

If it turns out you need full service that includes mounting, we are happy to help you with that as well. If you are near the Pittsburgh area, we have 5 locations, if further away, we can still help you make arrangements.


Whether you buy one tire or one hundred, we want to be your specialty tire partner and be at your service for your equipment needs. We hope you enjoy our site and find what you need within our large selection, by all means, call us!